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Step 1: FREE Energy Audit (Lighting)
Step 2: Apply For Energy Rebates
Step 3: Change Out Existing Lights w/LEDs
Step 4: Recycle Your Old Lighting

STELLUX will improve your work environment, reduce your energy consumption and save you money... immediately!



Contractors often overlook potential projects because they don't have the time or resources to provide clients with insightful and detailed information. That's why we created the STELLUX App! 


Through one simple interface, The STELLUX App allows you to easily access the same products and services that we provide to our clients every day. The App gives you the ability to show your clients an energy reduction and cost savings analysis in real-time. The App can also generate RFQs, POs, and WOs.


If YOU are a contractor, facilities manager, maintenance manager, or even one man in a van… our STELLUX App will power you to win more jobs.


STELLUX has in-house manufacturing and assembly capabilities and can provide BAA and TAA-compliant products. We use high-quality materials, test them relentlessly and we stand behind everything we deliver.

All STELLUX products come with a minimum 5-year warranty.

The Stellux App
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