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Aero Box LLC

Annual kwh Savings:


Annual Cost Savings:


Rebate Amount:


Building Size

80,600 sqft.

Project Description

Aero Box LLC aimed to enhance their factory’s lighting and cut energy expenses. Stellux executed a thorough industrial LED lighting retrofit, swapping out old 400-watt metal halide lamps with new LED linear high bay lights. This transformation improved lighting quality, leading to a safer and more efficient work environment for the workers. The offices were retrofitted with LED Tubes, while the exterior received LED Wall Pack fixtures. This industrial LED lighting retrofit resulted in a 53% reduction in their monthly lighting costs.

LED Lighting Materials Used

- 2ft. LED T8 Tubes
- 4ft. LED T8 Tubes
- LED Linear High Bays
- LED Wall Packs
- LED Linear Strips
- LED Exit Signs
- LED Emergency Lights
- LED Exit/Emergency Combos
- Occupancy Sensors


Roseville, Michigan

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