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Introducing LED Technology

History of LED

The first light emitting diode was invented in 1962 at General Electric and it could only emit a faint red light. By 1980, red, blue and yellow LEDs had been created but it wasn’t until the 1990s that LED lights became affordable enough for commercial use. Fast forward to today and…

LED v. Other Lights

LEDs have characteristically lower energy consumption, smaller size, a longer lifetime, faster switching and because of this, they have a wider palette of applicability. Here you can learn more about the specs, savings and lifespan of LEDs vs. other light bulbs.

Design & Appearance

Different LED styles, color temperatures and energy saving systems are all variables that determine the ideal application for your business. Learn more about what styles and options you can implement in your business.

Safety, Regulation & Certification

Rapidly evolving thinking about energy efficiency and public safety – along with exciting technological advancements – is driving the evolution of the lighting industry. Check out why LED lights are now the safest and most recommended lighting options on the market!


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