Limited Time, FREE Lighting Analysis


  • The 1st Step to upgrading your lights is to assess the current lighting in your facility.


  • Our lighting expert will find the best replacements for all of your current fixtures as well as design a custom layout that will give you the best lighting for your space while minimizing your costs.


  • Finally, we'll give you a real-time estimate of your new monthly electric bill and your estimated government rebate. 

(depending on the size of your building our lighting analysis takes about 1 hr to complete)

FREE Lighting Analysis

Thanks for taking the first step towards better lighting! Our team will reach out shortly to schedule your FREE lighting analysis!

Not Convinced?

Here are 3 real businesses that we saved from overpaying on their electric bill in the past year

Concessi's Market
Annual Cost Savings: $6,062
Rebate Amount: $1,195


Legacy Center Sports Complex
Annual Cost Savings: $68,250
Rebate Amount: $34,675


Metro Machine Works
Annual Cost Savings: $32,171
Rebate Amount: $7,414

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