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Transforming Businesses with LED Lighting

Our mission is to help as many businesses, churches, and schools as possible upgrade their lighting to LED.


Stellux’s average lighting energy reduction from over 500 projects completed


The amount Stellux saved it's customers on their utility bills in 2023 alone


Rebates secured by Stellux for our customers

Turn-key Solutions
Low Cost Financing
Expedited Process
Guaranteed Satisfaction

Success Stories

See the savings we've generated for other businesses just like yours!

What We Do

An LED lighting retrofit is more than just replacing outdated light fixtures - it’s an investment. At Stellux, we specialize in designing turn-key LED lighting and controls solutions that allow your business to maximize energy efficiency, save more money, improve the health of employees, customers, students, and guests, and reduce your carbon footprint.

As a Designated Trade Ally with the major Michigan utility companies, we are positioned to offer you once-in-a-lifetime financing opportunities, along with energy efficiency rebates, for your lighting upgrade.


We’ve spent the last 9 years vetting and fine-tuning our product offerings. We are confident in the quality of every product we install, which is why we stand behind the warranty of these products for their lifetime. We are in this with you for the long run, and we only win when you win!

How does a retrofit work?

We understand that upgrading your lighting system can be daunting. That’s why our team has your project covered every step of the way from start to finish.

Step 1: Lighting Audit + Proposal

One of our experienced lighting specialists will sit down with you to understand your lighting needs and requirements and perform a free lighting audit of your facility. We will use our proprietary software to analyze your lighting energy and design a customized solution for your space.


We will then present you with a proposal in real time to show exactly how much you could be saving, your potential utility rebate, and how you could be dollars ahead each month by financing your project using your new energy savings.

Step 2: Project Execution

We’ll partner with local certified electricians to install your new lighting system. Before we get started, we walk you through the project scope and set an installation schedule that best meets your needs.


Our projects move fast! We are typically done in 10 days or less. Larger projects do take longer, but we will always bring whatever resources are necessary to meet your requirements. Once we are finished, everyone will know we’ve upgraded your facility. On top of that, your savings begin the moment we install the new LED lighting system.

Step 3: Clean-Up + Close Out

After completing your LED retrofit, we remove the old light bulbs from your facility and recycle them responsibly, and we make sure all trash and extra materials are properly disposed of. We then walk through the facility with you to ensure all your expectations have been met.


We will not leave the job site until you are happy! Lastly, we submit the final paperwork for your rebate, after which you can expect to receive a check in 45 days or less.

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